Period: from 15. to 29.07.2021

In the past, art was sought after in museums and galleries, today it is also located at 2200 meters in the heart of the beautiful Dolomites. Here, the masterpieces of a young aspiring artist are at our disposal.

Also this summer we will organize the exhibition of the contemporary artist Roberto Pallestrong for 2 weeks at the Piz Boé ALPINE LOUNGE.

Pallestrong‘s works, like ceramic sculptures are exhibited. The exhibition traces the continuous development and research of new works based on the spontaneity and simplicity of the artist. His works transform the exhibition path into a sort of intertwining, rich in references and formal languages ​​that are different and complementary. For Pallestrong it is the rediscovery of a very lively mind, attentive to every area of ​​knowledge.

The curiosity of Pallestrong's inspiration emerges from the observation of nature: „A keen eye that examines the stones and the flight of birds, optics, physics, anatomy, painting, warfare, mathematics and architecture. The rest? Pure art ... „

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